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If you were holding out hope for a 2020 race poster, you can thank the Blair-Brown family. Due to the challenges associated with shipping a poster as part of our participant kit, it just wasn’t in the cards this year. And then, we heard Ryder Brown’s story.

Three-year-old Ryder Gordon Brown passed away on January 18, 2015, following a brief illness while visiting his grandparents in Falmouth. Since then, members of Ryder’s family have run the New Balance Falmouth Road Race as “Team RGB,” decked out in his favorite color – orange. In Ryder’s honor, the map ‘pin’ on this year’s poster design is orange.

One member of Team RGB is Ryder’s cousin, Megan Blair. At age 13, Megan began running Falmouth with Team RGB and fundraising for Boston Children’s Hospital, where Ryder was treated. Now beginning her freshman year at Fairfield University, Megan convinced her father, Brendan, to join her for this year’s At-Home Edition. In order to thank Megan for getting him back up and running, and to celebrate her 6th FRR, Brendan reached out to the race team about creating a poster as a surprise for Megan.

Inspired by Brendan and his family – and their love and support of the race – we have worked with his vision to create an official 2020 poster to remember the year when we ran together, but apart. Because wherever you are in the world, you are here with us – in Falmouth and in our hearts. 🧡

#NBFRRAtHome #TeamRGB #FalmouthRoadRace #keepthestreakalive #weareallinthistogether


If you want one sent to you or if you would like to download your own, Click Here. 

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August 15
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