This year, the Cochary-Gross Family is supporting the Falmouth Road Race, Inc. Scholarship Program to align with their mission and celebrate our local high schoolers’ accomplishments.

We can’t wait to see you in 2021 for the 

10th running of the TCHS Mile!

Saturday, August 15, 2020 at 5:30 PM
Falmouth High School James Kalperis Track

The application process will be open in Spring of 2020

The Application Process for the 2020 Tommy Cochary High School Mile is now closed. Runners will be notified on or before July 20th.

About the TCHS Mile:

The Falmouth Road Race High School Mile was created in 2010 and featured only athletes from schools located on Cape Cod, but in 2011 it was renamed the Tommy Cochary High School Mile and opened to athletes from across the state. 

In 2021, for the 10th year, the event will be in memory of Tommy Cochary, a local Falmouth runner. The Falmouth Road Race was always an integral part of the lives of Tommy and his family each year, but the summer of 1990 transformed the Cochary Family forever when Tommy’s life was cut short by a drunk driving accident. In memory of his active life and fun-loving attitude, the family wants to promote good health and smart choices by awarding a grant in the top high school girl and boy athletes names to be used by their school to purchase or implement a level of wellness. The schools, in collaboration with the donors, will be able to choose from options such as athletic equipment, team uniforms, or an after-school wellness activity.

Eligible athletes for 2021 to include high school students who are residents of Massachusetts and currently attend, or will be a 2021 graduate of, a Massachusetts High School. High school milers are invited to apply each year online with runners chosen by mid-July. The goal of the selection process is to invite the best athletes in Massachusetts who also embody the underlying values of the race and Make Smart Choices in their lives.

All athletes chosen to participate in the 2021 Tommy Cochary High School Mile will be outfitted in sneakers, flats, shorts, and singlets and will have the chance to race in front of thousands of spectators. Field size will be limited to a maximum of 10 high school boys and 10 high school girls; the selection process will consider character as well as athletic performance.

The Tommy Cochary High School Mile is free to spectators and traditionally, immediately follows the SBLI Family Fun Run.

Questions?  Email:

2019 Official TCHS Mile Results:


1. Tyler Brogan, Franklin 4:21.62

2. Michael Griffin, Wrentham 4:22.16

3. Shane Grant, Walpole, 4:23.10

4. Caleb Gartner, Falmouth, 4:26.28

5. Bobby Carew, Milton, 4:27.35

6. Oliver Fried, Dover, 4:32.93

7. Sean Kay, Melrose, 4:34.17

8. Alex Craig, Mattapoisett, 4:36.65

9. Marko Kovacevic, Concord, 4:41.87


1. Makayla Paige, Tewksbury 5:06.05

2. Emma Kerimo, Concord 5:06.83

3. Summer Bejarano, Halifax 5:13.53

4. Bethany Steiner, Millis 5:14.56

5. Danna Ofek, Lexington 5:14.86

6. Nora Johnson, Concord 5:26.42

7. Pria Parker, Hingham 5:33.24

8. Alison Gillooly, Stowe 5:35.00

9. Isabel May, Southhampton 5:41.19

2018 Official TCHS Mile Results:


1. John Mariano, Quincy 4:29.19

2. Rishabh Prakash, Burlington 4:29.60

3. Tyler Brogan, Franklin, 4:29.83

4. Lucas Aramburu, Boston, 4:33.32

5. Alex Ehrenthal, Concord, 4:33.42

6. Zane Reservitz, North Easton, 4:34.07

7. Tommy Gaffey Jr., Scituate, 4:35.31

8. Mike Griffin, Wrentham, 4:36.00

9. Noah Whiting, Newton, 4:36.80

10. Michael Hagen, Franklin, 4:37.91

11. Adam Sylvia, Rochester, 4:46.56


1. Grace Connolly, Natick 4:59.99

2. Sarah Roffman, Littleton 5:17.67

3. Caroline Johannes, Hingham 5:17.98

4. Meg Hughes, Rochester 5:21.21

5. Sarah Reicheld, Concord 5:22.19

6. Ashley Foley, Beverly 5:23.49

7. Kaitlyn Roffman, Littleton 5:24.46

8. Sarah Freeman, Merrimack 5:27.01

9. Emily Vivanco, Lancaster 5:34.27

10. Gabriela Walsh, Carlisle 6:00.24

2017 Official TCHS Mile Results:


1. Mike Griffin, King Philip Regional High School 4:26.08

2. Tristan Shelgren, St. John’s Prep 4:26.38

3. Nick McNamee, Plymouth 4:29.29

4. Tyler Brogan, Franklin High School 4:30.89

5. Lucas Aramburu, Brookline High School 4:34.29

6. Noah Whiting, Newton South High School 4:40.17

7. Joseph Walsh, Saint John’s High School 4:41.02

8. Dominic Mastromatteo, Saint Johns High School 4:42.18

9. Adam Sylvia, Old Rochester Regional 4:46.92

10. Nicholas Manickas-Hill, Lexington High School 4:51.12

11. Friend Weiler, Duxbury High School 5:12.93


1. Grace Connolly, Natick High School 4:56.33 *

2. Rachel Sessa, Tewksbury Memorial High School 4:56.55*

3. Clare Martin, Newton South High School 4:59.84*

4. Sarah Roffman, Littleton High School 5:08.48

5. Margaret Donohue, Wellesley High School 5:08.68

6. Kate Mitchell, Lynnfield High School 5:12.09

7. Nicole Clermont, Franklin High School 5:17.22

8. Madaket Nobili, Nauset Regional High School 5:18.22

9. Kaitlyn Roffman, Littleton High School 5:18.40

10. Tara Ellard, Nauset Regional High School 5:40.42

11. Devyn McCarthy, West Bridgewater Middle Senior High 6:02.59

2016 Official TCHS Mile Results:


1. Zachary Manickas-Hill, Lexington, MA 4:33.14

2. David Seybert, Attleboro, MA 4:37.55

3. John Pappo, Melrose, MA 4:39.25

4. Jake Hesson, Duxbury, MA 4:42.06

5. Nathan Johnson, Littleton, MA 4:44.11

6. William Bittrich, Duxbury, MA 4:51.45

7. Nicholas Manikas-Hill, Lexington, MA 4:53.14

8. Jack Ryan, Whitman-Hanson, MA 4:53.78

9. Kyle Rendon Dighton, Rehoboth, MA 4:55.42


1. Rachel Sessa, Tewksbury, MA 5:03.39

2. Grace Connolly, Natick, MA 5:06.14

3. Emily Sessa, Tewksbury, MA 5:10.15

4. Margot Ehrenthal, Concord-Carlisle, MA 5:11.36

5. Gianna Mastromatteo, Worcester, MA 5:12.47

6. Michaela Jones, N. Andover, MA 5:16.80

7. Nicole Clermont, Franklin, MA 5:18.21

8. Sarah Roffman, Littleton, MA 5:18.98

9. Kaitlin Roffman, Littleton, MA 5:22.36

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