Age-Group Winners for 2017 Honored by New Balance Falmouth Road Race

Michael Stone, Sandee Parkinson Win Margaret Bradley Award as Top Finishers from Falmouth

FALMOUTH, MA (September 27, 2017)—Dozens of top age-group runners, from 13 to 87 years old, were celebrated Tuesday night at the fifth-annual New Balance Falmouth Road Race Awards and Recognition Reception, held at the Coonamessett Inn.

Highlighting the evening, Michael Stone and Sandee Parkinson were announced as winners of the Margaret Bradley Award as the fastest male and female finishers from Falmouth. Each earned the honor for the third time. The award is named for a Falmouth High School graduate who lost her life in 2004 while on a run in the Grand Canyon at the age of 24. Bradley’s parents, Keith and Mary Jo Bradley, presented the awards.

Mary Jo Bradley earlier had received her award as the fastest Falmouth woman in the 70-74 age group, and spoke poignantly of the inspiration she has drawn from her daughter.

“I have to say I have never known anybody who loved to run as much as she did,” said Bradley. “She never, ever said ‘oh, I don’t feel like it today.’ After she passed away, I didn’t want to run for a while, but decided I had to get myself out there and start. What I found, of course, was that she was with me as I ran, and I have a feeling that lots of people here carry people with them as they run, too.”

Stone, the fastest Falmouth finisher in the men’s age 30-34 age group with a time of 39:01, won the award for the second consecutive year and the third time overall. A Falmouth native, Stone was a top-10 finisher at 1000 meters for Falmouth High School at the 2005 state indoor championships before going on to compete for Brandeis. The 30-year-old Stone has competed in the New Balance Falmouth Road Race 11 times, going back to 2002, and won his first Margaret Bradley Award in 2008. Stone is a manager at Suntility Electric LLC and last November married Emily Owen, who defended her title as the fastest Falmouth woman in the 25-29 age group.

Parkinson, 50, was the fastest Falmouth finisher in the women’s 50-54 age group, in 49:23. Raised in Weymouth, she was a member of the state champion cross country team at Notre Dame Academy in her senior year of high school, and then helped her University of Western Ontario cross country team to a Canadian national title during her senior year there in 1988-89. In addition to working as a physical therapist at the Falmouth Sports Center, she is a volunteer assistant coach of the Falmouth High School cross country team. Parkinson ran a personal best of 2:54:45 to finish in the top 40 of the 1991 Boston Marathon, and is training to run the Bank of Chicago Marathon on October 8. Parkinson previously won back-to-back awards in 2008 and 2009.

Also honored at the reception were the top male and female finishers in each of the race’s 16 age groups who did not earn prize money as part of the invitational elite athlete program.

The complete list of age-group winners in the 2017 New Balance Falmouth Road Race:

Ages 10-14

Male: Caleb Gartner, 14, Falmouth, MA (41:38)

Female: Brynn Bergin, 13, Goshen, CT (49:08)

Falmouth Male: Caleb Gartner, 14, Falmouth, MA (41:38)

Falmouth Female: Bianca Greco, 13, North Falmouth, MA (57:08)

Ages 15-19

Male: Grant Hauver, 19, Holden, MA (39:24)

Female: Grace Connolly, 16, Natick, MA (46:33)

Falmouth Male: John Turner, 18, Falmouth, MA (46:18)

Falmouth Female: Julia Moskal, 17, Falmouth, MA (58:49)

Ages 20-24

Male: Jonathan Phillips, 24, Brighton, MA (35:50)

Female: Chelsea Blaase, 23, Knoxville, TN (38:40)

Falmouth Male: Oliver Newman, 21, Woods Hole, MA (41:18)

Falmouth Female: Julianna Coughlin, 24, Falmouth, MA (54:45)

Ages 25-29

Male: Timothy Gill, 25, Allston, MA (36:12)

Female: Marci Klimek, 29, Cambridge, MA (38:37)

Falmouth Male: Andrew Layman, 29, East Falmouth, MA (46:02)

Falmouth Female: Emily Stone, 28, Falmouth, MA (49:38)

Ages 30-34

Male: Robert Gomez, 34, Windham, ME (36:03)

Female: Alexandra Mindel, 31, Burlington, MA (44:17)

Falmouth Male: Michael Stone, 30, Falmouth, MA (39:01)

Falmouth Female: Caitlin Foos, 32, North Falmouth, MA (56:51)

Ages 35-39

Male: Aaron Rowe, 36, Powell, OH (36:45)

Female: Melissa Cooney, 38, Holyoke, MA (45:55)

Falmouth Male: Edward Sweeney, 36, Woods Hole, MA (44:34)

Falmouth Female: Jill Neumayer DePiper, 37, East Falmouth, MA (52:13)

Ages 40-44

Male: Matthew Herman, 41, Brookline, MA (40:34)

Female: Christi Powers, 43, Holden, MA (48:30)

Falmouth Male: Thomas Giardino, 43, Falmouth, MA (43:04)

Falmouth Female: Nicole Antonellis, 43, East Falmouth, MA (52:30)

Ages 45-49

Male: Jim Callaghan, 48, Grafton, MA (41:56)

Female: Eileen Cakouros, 49, Milton, MA (50:06)

Falmouth Male: Jason Cullinane, 46, East Falmouth, MA (50:36)

Falmouth Female: Kristi Funfar, 45, Falmouth, MA (59:33)

Ages 50-54

Male: Christopher Lawrence, 53, Lincoln, RI (43:21)

Female: Kim Ionta, 54, Marshfield, MA (46:20)

Falmouth Male: Richard McEvoy, 53, Falmouth, MA (50:56)

Falmouth Female: Sandee Parkinson, 50, Falmouth, MA (49:23)

Ages 55-59

Male: Bill Solimine, 57, Naples, FL (43:28)

Female: Becky McGovern, 55, Stowe, VT (50:13)

Falmouth Male: Kenneth Gartner, 57, Falmouth, MA (44.39)

Falmouth Female: Dina Pandya, 55, East Falmouth, MA (1:01:07)

Ages 60-64

Male: Charlie Muse, 61, Boston, MA (44:42)

Female: Joan Samuelson, 60, Freeport, ME (44:49)

Falmouth Male: Kevin Coen, 62, Falmouth, MA (59:56)

Falmouth Female: Gail Dooley, 64, East Falmouth, MA (1:02:44)

Ages 65-69

Male: Thomas Cugno, 66, Dennisport, MA (48:17)

Female: Carol Weeks, 68, Kennebunk, ME (59:17)

Falmouth Male: Steve Cryer, 65, Falmouth, MA (55:39)

Falmouth Female: Janet Vacon, 65, East Falmouth, MA (1:04:31)

Ages 70-74

Male: Dennis Herman, 71, Newton, MA (59:09)

Female: Susie Manning, 70, Worcester, MA (1:03:45)

Falmouth Male: Steve Waxman, 72, Falmouth, MA (1:15:27)

Falmouth Female: Mary Jo Bradley, 71, Falmouth, MA (1:22:30)

Ages 75-79

Male: Maurice Bourque, 75, Fairhaven, MA (1:12:15)

Female: Nancy Spiro, 75, Falmouth, MA (1:23:49)

Falmouth Male: James Liljestrand, 76, Woods Hole, MA (1:37:19)

Falmouth Female: Nancy Spiro, 75, Falmouth, MA (1:23:49)

Ages 80-84

Male: William Riley, 81, Centerville, MA (1:01:53)

Female: Margaret Patch, 80, Teaticket, MA (1:41:21)

Falmouth Male: None

Falmouth Female: Margaret Patch, 80, Teaticket, MA (1:41:21)

Ages 85+

Male: Jud Hastings, 85, Orleans, MA (1:59:03)

Female: None

Falmouth Male: William Sirois, 87, East Falmouth, MA (2:08:05)

Falmouth Female: None

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