Age-Group Winners for 2018 Honored by New Balance Falmouth Road Race

FALMOUTH, MA (September 25, 2018)—Highlighted by the first four-time winner of the Margaret Bradley Award, dozens of top age-group runners, from 13 to 87 years old, were celebrated Monday night at the sixth-annual New Balance Falmouth Road Race Awards and Recognition Reception.

Honored with the 2018 Margaret Bradley Award as the fastest male and female finishers were Michael Stone, 31, and Julianna Coughlin, 25. Stone earned the honor for the fourth time since 2008, while Coughlin picked up her first. The award is named for a Falmouth High School graduate who lost her life in 2004 while on a run in the Grand Canyon at the age of 24. Bradley’s parents, Keith and Mary Jo Bradley, presented the awards.

In his remarks, Keith Bradley cited a number of honors and tributes that his daughter has received both in Boston and Chicago, where she attended college, but said “this particular award means the most to us because it’s a community award, and it’s where Margaret’s heart really was.”

Stone’s time of 38:13 not only made him the fastest Falmouth finisher in the men’s age 30-34 age group with a time of 39:01, it was the fastest time he’s ever run the race – 12 times, going back to 2002. This is the third-consecutive year he has won the award.

A Falmouth native, Stone was a top-10 finisher at 1000 meters for Falmouth High School at the 2005 state indoor championships before going on to compete for Brandeis. He is now a manager at Suntility Electric LLC.

Coughlin, meanwhile, didn’t begin running seriously until she moved to Falmouth about 18 months ago, when she joined the Falmouth Track Club. Raised in Auburn, MA, she worked in Richmond, VA, briefly before coming to Falmouth to become a dietitian at JML Care Center. Coughlin, who first ran the New Balance Falmouth Road Race in 2013 “just to finish,” last year was the fastest Falmouth finisher in her 24-29 age group with a time of 46:40. This year, she ran 38:13. She cites her coach, Ken Gartner, for much of the dramatic improvement.

Gartner was among those also honored at the reception, where Geoff Nickerson, Falmouth Road Race, Inc., board president, presented engraved medals to the top male and female finishers in each of the race’s 16 age groups who did not earn prize money as part of the invitational elite athlete program. Gartner was the fastest Falmouth finisher in the 55-59 age group, while his sons Henry and Caleb earned the same distinction in the 10-14 and 15-19 classifications, respectively.

Also earning a medal was Grace Connolly of Natick, who not only dominated the Tommy Cochary High School Mile the night before the New Balance Falmouth Road Race but also won her 15-19 age group the next day in 43:09 – more than seven minutes ahead of her closest rival.

Spurring them all on was a team from Turning Pointe Dance Studio in Falmouth, which was awarded $1,500 for winning the race’s first Cheer Zone contest. The team was stationed at the entrance to Trunk River Beach.

The complete list of age-group winners in the 2018 New Balance Falmouth Road Race:

Ages 10-14

Male: Lars Hogne, 14, Strafford, NH (41:08)

Female: Brynn Bergin, 14, Goshen, CT (49:59)

Falmouth Male: Henry Gartner, 13, Falmouth, MA (45:05)

Falmouth Female: Bianca Greco, 14, North Falmouth, MA (54:28)

Ages 15-19

Male: Ben Burgess, 18, Framingham, MA (38:10)

Female: Grace Connolly, 17, Natick, MA (43:09)

Falmouth Male: Caleb Gartner, 15, Falmouth, MA (39:52)

Falmouth Female: Kate Delaney, 18, Falmouth, MA (56:50)

Ages 20-24

Male: Tyler Lyon, 24, Harwinton, CT (37:37)

Female: Janelle Solviletti, 23, Billerica, MA (43:26)

Falmouth Male: Devin Lawler, 20, East Falmouth, MA (47:41)

Falmouth Female: Sarah Bunker, 23, Falmouth, MA (53:09)

Ages 25-29

Male: Teddy Farley, 26, Boston, MA (36:42)

Female: Tara Dooley, 25, Cambridge, MA (44:00)

Falmouth Male: Michael Deasy, 26, Falmouth, MA (43:50)

Falmouth Female: Julianna Coughlin, 25, Falmouth, MA (46:40)

Ages 30-34

Male: Michael Stone, 31, Falmouth, MA (38:13)

Female: Pamela Pinto, 30, Hooksett, NH (42:32)

Falmouth Male: Michael Stone, 31, Falmouth, MA (38:13)

Falmouth Female: Caitlin Foos, 33, North Falmouth, MA (53:04)

Ages 35-39

Male: David Nierenberg, 36, Cambridge, MA (39:48)

Female: Tracey Sawyer, 38, Warrington, PA (44:57)

Falmouth Male: Patrick Morin, 36, Falmouth, MA (45:01)

Falmouth Female: Jill Neumayer DePiper, 38, East Falmouth, MA (51:41)

Ages 40-44

Male: Christopher Benestad, 41, Northborough, MA (41:20)

Female: Erin Brown, 40, Bridgewater, MA (47:30)

Falmouth Male: Thomas Giardino, 44, Falmouth, MA (41:41)

Falmouth Female: Nicole Antonellis, 44, East Falmouth, MA (51:50)

Ages 45-49

Male: Jason Kramer, 48, Marshfield, MA (45:02)

Female: Dawn Roberts, 46, West Springfield, MA (49:16)

Falmouth Male: Raymond Botelho, 45, Falmouth, MA (44:22)

Falmouth Female: Kristen Williams, 48, East Falmouth, MA (53:42)

Ages 50-54

Male: Jason Cakouros, 53, Milton, MA (41:49)

Female: Holly Madden-Merrill, 52, Cohasset, MA (46:59)

Falmouth Male: Dana Panepinto, 53, East Falmouth, MA (56:04)

Falmouth Female: Anne Preisig, 51, Falmouth, MA (49:37)

Ages 55-59

Male: Bill Solimine, 58, Naples, FL (43:36)

Female: Heather Knight Pech, 56, Darien, CT (47:08)

Falmouth Male: Kenneth Gartner, 58, Falmouth, MA (44:53)

Falmouth Female: Mary Ryther, 55, North Falmouth, MA (58:24)

Ages 60-64

Male: Charlie Muse, 62, Boston, MA (44:39)

Female: Linda Boyer, 60, North Wales, PA (53:51)

Falmouth Male: James Tietje, 62, Falmouth, MA (56:09)

Falmouth Female: Karen Patnode, 62, Teaticket, MA (1:02:03)

Ages 65-69

Male: Thomas Cugno, 67, Dennisport, MA (48:28)

Female: Karen Durante, 67, Newburyport, MA (53:47)

Falmouth Male: Tor Clark, 65, Falmouth, MA (50:44)

Falmouth Female: Janet Vacon, 66, East Falmouth, MA (1:05:59)

Ages 70-74

Male: Bill Rodgers, 70, Boxborough, MA (58:08)

Female: Susie Branley, 71, Jacksonville Beach, FL (1:05:20)

Falmouth Male: Paul McCadam, 70, East Falmouth, MA (1:01:06)

Falmouth Female: Marcia Ludlow, 72, Falmouth, MA (1:33:22)

Ages 75-79

Male: Rich Paulsen, 75, Woburn, MA (1:07:40)

Female: Madeleine Marken, 79, Falmouth, MA (1:20:55)

Falmouth Male: James Liljestrand, 77, Woods Hole, MA (1:32:35)

Falmouth Female: Madeleine Marken, 79, Falmouth, MA (1:20:55)

Ages 80-84

Male: Larry Cole, 84, Harwich, MA (1:31:07)

Female: Margaret Patch, 81, Teaticket, MA (1:44:15)

Falmouth Male: Don Delinks, 80, North Falmouth, MA (1:57:27)

Falmouth Female: Margaret Patch, 81, Teaticket, MA (1:44:15)

Ages 85+

Male: Jud Hastings, 86, Orleans, MA (1:52:40)

Female: None

Falmouth Male: Mike Bennett, 87, Woods Hole, MA (2:25:24)

Falmouth Female: None

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