Age-Group Winners for 2019 Honored by New Balance Falmouth Road Race

Michael Stone, Jen MacDowell Win Margaret Bradley Award as Top Finishers from Falmouth

FALMOUTH, MA (September 19, 2019)—Headlined by a veteran and a newcomer who took home the Margaret Bradley Award, dozens of top age-group runners, from 12 to 88 years old, were celebrated Wednesday night at the New Balance Falmouth Road Race Awards and Recognition Party at the Coonamessett Inn.

In addition to the age-group winners, the top teams in the race’s On-Course Cheer Contest, sponsored by Cooked Perfect, were recognized and the 10 most-recent recipients of Falmouth Road Race, Inc.’s semiannual community grants program were awarded their checks.

Honored with the 2019 Margaret Bradley Award as the fastest male and female finishers from Falmouth were Michael Stone and Jen MacDowell, both 32. Stone earned the honor for the fifth time since 2008, while MacDowell won in her New Balance Falmouth Road Race debut, less than a year after moving to town. The award is named for a Falmouth High School graduate who lost her life in 2004 while on a run in the Grand Canyon at the age of 24. Bradley’s parents, Keith and Mary Jo Bradley, presented the awards.

“It’s an honor to win the Margaret Bradley Award,” said MacDowell. “It’s great that the race and the Falmouth running community honor one of its own in this way. I’m enjoying getting to be part of this community, so this award feels special.”

MacDowell, who moved here from Seattle with her fiancé last November, is a Maine native who ran for Colby College, and won the Flag Day 5K in June. She works in the Mashpee Public Library and as Volunteer Coordinator for the Falmouth Senior Center. Her time of 44:37 ranked her as the fastest Falmouth finisher in the women’s age 30-34 age group.

Stone’s time of 37:54 not only made him the fastest Falmouth finisher in the men’s age 30-34 age group, but it was also a 19-second personal best over his time last year. This is the fourth-consecutive year the former Brandeis runner has won the award, and fifth overall.

A Falmouth native, Stone has run the race 13 times, going back to 2002. He is a manager at Suntility Electric, LLC.

Among the notable winners, the Gartner family picked up three awards for the second consecutive year: Ken Gartner was the fastest Falmouth finisher (and second overall) in the 55-59 age group, while son Caleb was the overall winner of the 15-19 age group and younger son Henry was the fastest Falmouth finisher among boys 10-14. The night before, Caleb Gartner made his debut in the Tommy Cochary High School Mile, finishing fourth among some of the best high school milers in the state.

Robert Antonucci, a member of the Falmouth Road Race, Inc. board of directors, presented engraved medals to the top male and female finishers in each of the race’s 16 age groups who did not earn prize money as part of the invitational elite athlete program. 

In the Cheer contest, Wicked Good Cause took first place and its $1,500 prize for its energetic support on bridge over bike path just after Mile 1. Runner-up was Turning Pointe Dance Studio, followed by the Quell Foundation and Be Like Brit.

The complete list of age-group winners in the 2019 New Balance Falmouth Road Race:

Ages 10-14

Male: Sam Burgess, 14, Framingham, MA (41:21)

Female: Charlotte Murphy, 12, Southbury, CT (55:14)

Falmouth Male: Henry Gartner, 14, Falmouth, MA (44:52)

Falmouth Female: Katie Shanahan, 14, Falmouth, MA (1:04:44)

Ages 15-19

Male: Caleb Gartner, 16, Falmouth, MA (38:28)

Female: Emily Brydges, 15, Suffield, CT (46:59)

Falmouth Male: Caleb Gartner, 16, Falmouth, MA (38:28)

Falmouth Female: Bianca Greco, 15, North Falmouth, MA (56:01)

Ages 20-24

Male: Paul Hogan, 23, Burlington, MA (33:49)

Female: Kerri Ruffo, 23, Hampton, MA (39:08)

Falmouth Male: Brian King, 21, Falmouth, MA (45:53)

Falmouth Female: Madeline Smith, 21, East Falmouth, MA (54:25)

Ages 25-29

Male: Jonathan Phillips, 26, Brighton, MA (33:58)

Female: Molly Seidel, 25, Boston, MA (38:45)

Falmouth Male: Michael Deasy, 27, Falmouth, MA (42:59)

Falmouth Female: Julianna Coughlin, 26, Falmouth, MA (52:13)

Ages 30-34

Male: Silas Kipruto, 34, Kenya (34:23)

Female: Heather Kampf, 32, Minneapolis, MN (41:08)

Falmouth Male: Michael Stone, 32, Falmouth, MA (37:54)

Falmouth Female: Jen MacDowell, 32, Falmouth, MA (44:37)

Ages 35-39

Male: Jason Reilly, 36, East Greenwich, RI (38:40)

Female: Melissa Dock, 37, Boulder, CO (39:02)

Falmouth Male: Corey Heaslip, 39, Falmouth, MA (48:11)

Falmouth Female: Jill Neumayer DePiper, 39, East Falmouth, MA (51:32)

Ages 40-44

Male: Charlie Epperson, 40, Annapolis, MD (39:33)

Female: Sarah Hjelmstad, 43, Wilmington, MA (46:13)

Falmouth Male: Christopher Langlais, 40, North Falmouth, MA (45:34)

Falmouth Female: Nancy Correia, 44, Falmouth, MA (53:57)

Ages 45-49

Male: Thomas Giardino, 45, Falmouth, MA (43:09)

Female: Dawn Roberts, 47, West Springfield, MA (49:12)

Falmouth Male: Thomas Giardino, 45, Falmouth, MA (43:09)

Falmouth Female: Kristi Funfar Williams, 47, Falmouth, MA (58:35)

Ages 50-54

Male: Mark Tebbe, 53, Arlington, MA (43:51)

Female: Una Broderick, 52, Wantagh, NY (47:33)

Falmouth Male: Patrick Harrington, 50, Falmouth, MA (54:27)

Falmouth Female: Anne Preisig, 52, Falmouth, MA (49:50)

Ages 55-59

Male: Tim Francis, 58, Duxbury, MA (45:32)

Female: Heather Knight Pech, 57, Darien, CT (46:08) 

Falmouth Male: Kenneth Gartner, 59, Falmouth, MA (46:19)

Falmouth Female: Janice Burton, 55, Falmouth, MA (56:39)

Ages 60-64

Male: Charlie Muse, 63, Boston, MA (44:27)

Female: Joan Samuelson, 62, Freeport, ME (45:26)

Falmouth Male: Greg Stone, 60, Falmouth, MA (48:14)

Falmouth Female: Susan Callan, 61, Falmouth, MA (1:04:43)

Ages 65-69

Male: Thomas Cugno, 68, Dennisport, MA (51:26)

Female: Karen Durante, 68, Newburyport, MA (56:21)

Falmouth Male: Steve Cryer, 67, Falmouth, MA (51:51)

Falmouth Female: Janet Vacon, 67, East Falmouth, MA (1:07:37)

Ages 70-74

Male: Jim May, 73, Williamson, NY (54:21)

Female: Susie Branley, 72, Jacksonville Beach, FL (1:05:54)

Falmouth Male: Lenny Collins, 70, Falmouth, MA (59:04)

Falmouth Female: Kris Tholke, 70, Falmouth, MA (1:24:14)

Ages 75-79

Male: Joe Kolok, 75, Brewster, NY (1:14:41) 

Female: Theresa Tattersall, 75, North Attleboro, MA (1:15:31)

Falmouth Male: John Nolan, 75, Falmouth, MA (1:35:38)

Falmouth Female: Nancy Spiro, 77, Falmouth, MA (1:36:54)

Ages 80-84

Male: Ronald Steele, 80, Arlington, VA (1:27:10)

Female: Margaret Patch, 82, Falmouth, MA (1:53:43)

Falmouth Male: Don Delinks, 81, Falmouth, MA (2:01:04)

Falmouth Female: Margaret Patch, 82, Falmouth, MA (1:53:43)

Ages 85+

Male: Larry Cole, 85, Harwich, MA (1:46:48) 

Female: None

Falmouth Male: Mike Bennett, 88, Woods Hole, MA (2:45:13)

Falmouth Female: None

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